Monday, June 13, 2011


im giving u my love
 coz i love u  

i thought u love me too..

  then, the days passed

 u suddenly disappeared without news

i cried

 coz i really miss u

When im alone, I was thinking...

 maybe u have someone else. I smiled :) then..

i realized i LOSING u..

its hurt me.. :(

so, maybe this  is the ends. u not belong to me..
I'll try to forget u eventhough it hard 

 Wish u are happy with her.

Remember, dont hurt her..
 Hope u dont mind if i still love u
becoz...... i cant stop it. THAT MY PROBLEM.
Hopefully it would not disturb ur relationship.

Dont worry, i LOVE u.......... as a friends.
Not more than that..

Thanks for everything..

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