Friday, March 9, 2012


Ready to give services!
Before going to work, I will pray to ALLAH SWT.
''May ALLAH bless my work today and 
give me strength to face all of possibility during working ''.
Then I look at a mirror and says 
'Hopefully all my patients will recover soon'.

Its been 2 and half years, being a student nurse.
So many experiences and
a lot of stories to tell!!

As a nurse, 
I learned to be patience and manage all the problems by myself. 
This kind of job really make me matured.
I want to help and care peoples with sincerely. 
There is a SISTER in the ward hospital who told me, 
''Treat Your patients just like your families" 
I will keep this words in my brain everyday I went to work.


Senyum itu satu SEDEKAH (:
Senyuman itu ada 2 jenis:

i) Senyuman kepura-puraan

ii) Senyuman ikhlas

Berbeza bukan? 
Tampak lebih manis kalau senyum ikhlas..
Senyuman kepura-puraan, seperti terpaksa. huhu 

anyway, start you day with a big smile, not fake smile..
smile to your beloved peoples, even to your enemies.
It will show that you are stronger . :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lover Camera

Yes, I am a lover of cameras..
but I doesn't have any cameras.
Well, its doesn't matter, I just lovin it..
I do love taking a pictures
but I'm not professional. Really.
It just my hobbies.. :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hati seorang wanita...

Kaca, kalau sekali jatuh, habis berkecai seribu. 
Walaupun kaca yang berkecai itu boleh disambung semula, 
retakannya masih kelihatan. 
Begitulah juga halnya dengan hati wanita, sekali kau lukakan hati wanita, 
lukanya bisa sembuh tapi kesakitannya menghantui seumur hidup. 
Please be gentle boys, if you do love her, don't hurt her. Her heart is just for you. 

"Selamat Hari Wanita Sedunia" (: