Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fakhrul, my adopted brother :)

I have an adopted brother.. His name is Fakhrul Rizal.

I knew him when I am practical in hospital.

First time I saw him, there is something pushed me to know more about him
and I realized he is special.

He used to be normal before, just like a normal teenagers.

Can talk, move, run and even hanging out with friends.

But fated , he involved in car accident in the end of January 2012.

Now, the day is passed. His condition more better.

I really proud to his mother, who is never give up to take care his son everyday without knowing the meaning of tiredness.

There is a doctor who said to his mother " Just bring him to your home, he doesn't have any chance. His brain totally damage."

"No, I know my son! I know he will be better soon. I want he still in this hospital! said his mother in a high tone voice and full of meaning.