Friday, November 9, 2012

My father's advice

My twin, Nur Sabrina really need emotional support 
because of she was failed on Observe Skill Clinical Examination (OSCE)
and her mid-term examination, and there were also some bad rumors
about herself.
Because of that, she really felt sad and crying almost a days.
So, I call my father's phone for any suggestion to help my twin, because
I tried to advice and cheer up for her, but it was not enough.
I told my father about my twin's problem.
Then he told me a story, about a son and a father and their donkey.
The story was same like above picture,
At the end of story, my father started asked me,
"Ok, so what the  moral of story?" 
All my answer got wrong.
He said,
"Ok, both of you already grown up and this is your process to be mature.
 So, the moral is do not listen the words of others.
Please dear, both of you(me and my twin), 
just follow your heart. Ignore them.."

I almost cried, but I tried to not to show him then I wanted to tell him about my twin's rumors,
but he said 
"No, do not tell me. I do not want to know. Whether the rumors is true or
not, I trust both of you"
I was cried.
Really touching.. 

p/s: english broken.. ;p

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