Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jom Join Giveaway!!!

My 1st time I'm join this giveaway..
Join for luck,
If I win,' syukran alhamdullillah', 
but if I didn't win, ' Well this is a game, there were will be only one winner, maybe not my lucky day'
Ok, firstly adie dapat tahu contest ni dari kawan adie, Mumun.
Thanks to her..
So, straight to the point, this giveaway was handle by Miss Aestherlyienda..
Please click here for more detail about this giveaway..

The rule is simple,
1- Follow her blog.. (Her blog really cute and simple)
2-Make a blog post about this giveaway 
( don't forget to include the banner above + link back to this post or my blog)
3. Tag 5 others to join in.

So, I will choose to tag for these lucky ladies :

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