Monday, March 25, 2013


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

today so bored as usual, 
day by day passed..
it is been 3 months since I finished my Diploma In Nursing..
nothing much to do,
just facing my laptop, eat, watch tv and sleep..
huh getting fat right now.. =_=''
mmmm 2013..
did not realize this year I already 22 years old..
anyway, if you see the above picture, the person at the right side was
my bestfriend, Dayang Ramizah or we just love called her 'Mija'.
At the middle was my twin, and lastly at the left side was me, of course'lah' it was me.
 if 3 of us hang out together, people definitely look at  3 of us and they will
saying ''They are triple twins!''
So many people will asked the same question to 3 of us,
''Are 3 of you, TWINS?''
then we answered together and smile, 

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